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Saturday, March 28, 2015 1:13 AM
The British Virgin Islands International Finance Centre
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The real beauty of the British Virgin Islands is its proven leadership in meeting the needs of international business. The jurisdiction has a proud tradition of achieving balance and transparency in regulation; meeting and in many cases exceeding international best practice standards.cong ty bao ve, thang may

 công ty bảo vệ


 can ho the sun avenue

Top News

BVI IFC Bulletin: Celebrating 30 years of International Business Company Act. readmore>>


The Government of the Virgin Islands (BVI) has issued a Public Consultation Paper on Beneficial Ownership Information. readmore>>


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has taken another significant step forward in its global positioning with the launch of an office in Hong Kong to represent the jurisdiction in mainland China and the Pacific Region.readmore>>

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Welcomes David Cameron's Statement to the House in Commons Which he commended the Oversea Territories and Crown Dependencies for the actions taken to insure the highest standards of tax transparency and that is no longer fair to refer to BVI, and it's peers, as 'tax havens'.readmore>>

Overseas Territories support G8 initative on tax, trade and transparency click here

For up to date information on the B.V.I. click here 

BVI Financial Services Associations
These Associations demonstrate the commitment of the private sector professionals to the industry. >>
BVI Finance

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